In January 2014, Jane Wherity brought to life the concept of the Butterfly Spy through the many experiences with her three wonderful boys trying to assert themselves and testing the boundaries.

The spy card, and the story of the butterfly spy, gave the children direction and a goal to earn rewards through good behaviour, with constant positive reinforcement. The Butterfly Spy was life changing for our family, and Jane wanted to share it with everyone.

The power of positive re-enforcements is something that in today’s society we are all aware of. The Butterfly Spy also brings the child on a magical journey, with the story of the Butterfly. Jane chose to model the Butterfly Spy on the monarch butterfly as it is recognisable globally. It is important to Jane that children see the real life butterfly while they are going about their lives.

In 2015 Jane established JB Wherity Designs to bring the Butterfly Spy into the world.

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