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  • A Simple Reminder

    Life can be cruel, life can be tough, people can bring you down. For me, it is important that our home is a safe place. At home, we have each other’s backs. We support, praise and encourage! We don’t judge, run down or mock. My boys will experience enough of this outside the home. Their …

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  • Binky’s Back!

    This blog is just not flowing the way the others did, I’ve literally attempted it 7 times! Now I am asking, why? I was pressured into doing a blog that explained the Kit, and how it works for me, using words Google would pick up, “rewards” “Good behaviour” etc. This was not sitting right with …

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  • My non-viral, viral video!

    It started when I was at a low place, not knowing how to spread the word of the Butterfly Spy, not knowing what direction to turn. I was scrolling through Facebook and I came across a “viral” video, just a guy singing a parody! Aha!! I can do that!! I’ll write a song, do a …

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  • Blink and you will miss it!

    What can I say about my dragons den appearance, (more lack of appearance). I will start at the beginning, I applied for the show, didn’t give it another thought, got a call the next day to meet with them! Meeting went great, they said I was pretty much guaranteed to be on the show. The …

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  • How we use our Butterfly Spy

    Our Spy turned up this Morning! Since our holiday, routine has not returned. Getting the boys to bed on time, with the bright evenings has become a tiresome charade once again. We have been late for school so many times, which is something I thought would never happen when I was a parent! (One of …

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  • The Importance of “me” time

    This week my husband surprised me with a gift. Let me just say, I have a wonderful husband, who is my best friend and after 9 years of marriage I still love a little bit more every day! However, he is not the flower giving, restaurant reserving, baby sitter organising kind of guy. He is …

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  • The holiday is over!

    Took the boys to Barcelona for three days, and then Salou for a week. We had an absolute ball, definitely recommend Barcelona with the kids, so much to see and do for children! Salou was great, pool was freezing, so we kept busy, karting, theme park, I managed to squeeze in two hours shopping! Pre …

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  • The beginning of The Butterfly Spy..

    My name is Jane Wherity creator of The Butterfly Spy. I have 3 amazing boys, and was lucky enough to stay at home with them. I love my boys, however this was hard work and very challenging at times, especially as the you youngest two have just over a year between them. I felt I …

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