What our happy customers say:


“Just wanted to say that the Butterfly Spy is a big hit in our house this past week – and my two little ‘angels’ are going to bed all by themselves, and first thing in the morning are up to see if they’ve been given a Gold Star by the Butterfly Spy” – Anita


“We love the Butterfly spy in our house. I have 3 boys under the age of 6 & we started using the Butterfly spy at the end of January. The boys have named their butterfly ‘Star’ & he is very much part of our family. The boys are currently working on getting their gold star. My boys love having the responsibility for their own cards & filling them up with stars. Mummy & daddy are very happy that the butterfly spy has encouraged our boys to be responsible for their own rooms & to help clear up after dinner” – Annette


“The Butterfly spy was an absolute life-changer… bed-time used to be a nightmare but now she falls asleep alone happy knowing flutter will give her a star in the morning! I could not recommend this more. And to you Jane, you made her feel so special signing her book! It’s her pride and joy” – Karen


“The Butterfly spy is an excellent reward system. It has motivated my children to clean up their toys, do their homework and go to bed early without any fuss. It has encouraged good behaviour in our home and I can take the butterfly spy with us wherever we go. The kids love all aspects of the butterfly spy, from the beautifully illustrated book to the special spy cards with their photos on them” – Zara


“The butterfly spy was the best thing to come into our house. We got on so well with our elf, that when Christmas was over it was missed. A  friend introduced me to the butterfly spy and I was over the moon! The kids love it, we saw a butterfly in the park yesterday for the first time, and the kids were so excited. Thank you, we are thrilled with our spy Gonzo” – Gemma


“This is great, I can highly recommend it. I did the trial before it got up and running and it really helped my daughter. It helps with every type of issues a child has. My daughter has a speaking problem and her butterfly spy helped her with not being afraid to speak because she knew she had someone watching out for her when mammy wasn’t there” – Fiona



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